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My self hosted services / how to hire

This page says funny things i know right :)

if so, it must truly be funny.

you can contact me by using the following services

Service Handle
Discord averageemogirl
Tin can & string self explanatory
Alt Email freeboomers@gmail.com

~oh? whats that? you wanna know how to HIRE ME?~

~send me 1 GB of whatever memes you enjoy and i will get to work~

things i host uptime normally
Minecraft server 1 Ask to be started
Bedrock minecraft server Ask to be started
This website 24/7
Quake 3 server 24/7
TF2 server Ask to be started
Minecraft 1.4.2 server 24/7
Half Life Death Match (port 28015) Ask to be started
anura 24/7 anura.hs.vc